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Just want to send a big thank you for your comments! You're support, encouragement means alot to me and to those of you who have found that from this blog I couldn't be happier! The purpose of me doing this was to help others who are struggling to get into shape, or want to get into running but doubt themselves, and to keep myself accountable!! I hope you all are being active in whatever way you enjoy..we need to take care of our bodies, it's the only one we got! :) xo
So as you may know I'm now part of the Tone it UP team and I couldn't be more excited! On the main page I have pics, video and link to their site, but I plan to put more up when I have time. I hope you check it out and take a peek especially to their 'fat burning system' !! If you have any questions please let me know, and if you're on Twitter- you can follow me and them at @Sophiehowl27 & @Toneitup. Thanks! :)
"Anyone can be an athlete - the only difference is are you sitting on the couch or not?"
Got this from the website and it's a great article for those wanting to get into running!

As a beginning runner, your top training priority is to establish a solid foundation for your future development as a runner. How is this done? The Newbie Runner section has all the answers--how to get started, how to train, and how to challenge yourself to get off the couch and run that 5k!

Just want to send a shoutout to Maria & Damy for sending me sweet messages of inspiration my way :)